Author: IntegerByte

Emerging e-commerce marketing trends to follow

Today, lets discuss about emerging e-commerce marketing trends to follow. Marketing trends are changing dynamically. The way you market or promote your business today may not work tomorrow. This sentence holds true for every business and all marketing genre. Companies are adapting and experimenting with new marketing trends to discover what forms of marketing can […]

Ionic app development framework and its features

In this blog, let’s discuss about Ionic app development framework and its features. Every business wants to create a hybrid mobile application that suits their budget. Building a native mobile application across different platforms is really expensive when compared to the development cost of hybrid mobile application. The tech savvy front end developers have already […]

Growth of FinTech industry and its impact

In this blog, lets discuss something about Growth of FinTech industry and its impact. “The Financial Technology industry, commonly known as FinTech, is now handling digital transactions all across the globe. The increased utilization of mobile devices and technology-based solutions is pushing the demand for financial and banking solutions to be processed through personal devices. […]

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