What is Xamarin and its features?

What is Xamarin and its features

In this blog, we will discuss about Xamarin and its features. Mobile application development has been booming at a phenomenal rate. There a few reasons behind this growth rate such as mobile apps are easily accessible, it provides quick access to users to perform instant activities, and because nowadays, customers are diving more into mobility.

Developing a mobile application has now become a necessity for every organization. This growth in mobile application development has created a huge opportunity for mobile app developers to develop their skill set and mark their presence in facilitating mobile revolution.

Before indulging in the mobile app development process, every developer would like to have a good and reliable app development solution on which he can rely to develop an app that would work across multiple platforms. Having a variety of mobile operating system, developing a cross-platform app is the best solution to reach out to a wider range of audience.

All you need to do is to hire the best Xamarin developers who assist in the transition of app idea into reality. Xamarin has become the most preferred mobile app development solution for the organizations who want to develop cross-platform mobile application.

In this article, we will examine the 5 reasons why Xamarin has become the most preferred choice of mobile app developers to develop cross-platform mobile app:

Native Applications/User Experience:

Mobile apps developed with Xamarin serves all the important purposes delivered by native apps. While developing a native mobile app, Xamarin Studio (IDE) enables code compilation in C#. It offers native performance to the mobile app.

Xamarin offers several additional advantages such as native UI and performance and access to device-specific features. To build apps for iOS, Android and Windows, top best mobile app developers use Xamarin.Forms to convert app UI components in platform-specific interface elements. Shared Codes/App Logic: Coding is the most challenging part of the entire mobile app development process, especially when developing a native mobile app.

Xamarin comes along with an amazing solution. It offers code sharing that can be useful all major platforms to build an innovative app. Xamarin uses C# and .NET framework to develop mobile apps. Once the code has been develop in C#, it can be share across multiple platforms. Developers can tweak them as per their choice or requirement. A developer can share up to 75% of codes across all mobile operating systems.

This clearly means that a mobile app developer can use similar app logic to multiple platforms that include UI layer, database interactions, input validations, web service calls and back-end enterprise integrations.The major advantage of these features is that developers need not to write long and separate codes to build a mobile app and it, eventually, saves time. And that’s the reason why it is always recommended by best Xamarin developers.

UI And API Integration:

The most advantageous benefit of using Xamarin is that it allows a developer to bind the same APIs and UI controls to develop iOS, Android and Mac apps. For Windows app, a developer can make use of Windows Phone and Windows 8 applications offered through Microsoft Visual Studio.

By using appropriate application architecture and Portable Class Libraries (PCL), codes can be share between Windows, Android and iOS apps. UI and API integration is another big reason to choose Xamarin for the development of a cross-platform mobile app. The unique binding technology offer by Xamarin helps developers to build and support new features, once these features are introduce in respective device’s operating system.

Allows Testing On Multiple Devices:

With Xamarin, a developer has multiple choices of devices to test the mobile app. Xamarin not only allows to develop cross-platform mobile apps but also lets you test the applications on approx 2000 devices. Detecting bugs will be an easy task while working with Xamarin.

It has performance tracking capabilities that help in detecting any kind of performance issues. With Xamarin, the app will remain with fewer bugs and the codes are hardly comprise of any mistakes. Xamarin offers multiple options to perform the testing of the app. Testing can be done to run single code or a set of comprehensive codes for Android and iOS platforms.

Enjoy The Benefits Of C#:

C# is simple and pure object-oriented programming language that can be use for general purpose. Being object-oriented programming language, it is consider as a modernized version of C++. The type-safety feature of C# helps developers to overcome typing mistakes while generating codes for the mobile app. C# offers simplified syntax to write codes. It eliminates the use of pointers and headers.

Moreover, instead of using namespace and reference operators, it allows developers to use period in their codes. Along with Microsoft’s .NET framework and all these features, building a cross-platform mobile app has now become an ingenious task for developers that results in flawed programming. All these features make C# a great and feasible programming language, and that’s why it is prefer by best Xamarin developers.

These above-mentioned 5 reasons simplify the reason why Xamarin is the most preferred solution for developing cross-platform mobile app.  Best Xamarin developers make the best use of all these features and come up with an amazing cross-platform mobile app. A little bit of investment with Xamarin will lead an organization towards delivering powerful and beneficial mobile apps.

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