Re-emerging in a connected world


This blog will give you brief information about Re-emerging in a connected world. In a digital world, all businesses need to be increasingly present on the internet, for anyone who is not an avid consumer of social networks in the era of the internet, it is hard that they or their business can reach their purposes. You may be asking yourself, “Well, if my business isn’t online and I don’t know how can I start, how can I do it?” As we are in such a connected era, you can find a wide variety of information in just one click, you can even do several studies on this topic such as an MBA in Digital Business Management.

For now, in this blog, we will give you a small opening to what is the world of digital marketing, as you will find much more information about it that not only covers the issue of advertising and sales in social media, as there is more to learn about this that we will be talking about in future posts. Of being in the digital age and, additionally, we will give you some tips to get started. 

Before diving into the digital era

You may have noticed that in recent years the consumption of social networks is increasing, as this phenomenon is not only because it is used as a means of entertainment for people in general, also, more and more businesses are using more social networks and less traditional media to promote their services or products, as they find the need to reach their target audience in large masses, social networks were a springboard to market their services.

On the other hand, when the situation arose with the pandemic, which reduced the possibility of communicating with the outside world (for our safety, essentially), its consumption grew exponentially, seeing an opportunity to promote their brand/business, and that being left without the possibility of communication was not an option, encouraging its use as a marketing and sales also.

But before you begin in the technological world, you must ask to yourself questions such as: Who my customers are? What media do they use? Also, what would they like to see on my networks? Here are some tips.

B2B vs. B2C: Which one does my brand identify with?

It is important to identify whether your products or services are in a B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Client) client. What we mean by this is if your brand is for a specific age group, or if you are targeting companies or entrepreneurs who are interested in buying goods in a massive way, as it is very likely that a single person will not be interested in buying your product if you do not offer it at retail, and vice versa if you are talking about a CEO or a team of a company that seeks to meet their needs with items focused on them. 

In short, if you consider that your business offers products as something that an administrator or someone from an enterprise might be interested in, the B2B model is the best for your company, but, if your brand is interested in age-targeted people, the B2C model is the right one for you.

Remember! You can also run a hybrid model, combining as B2B model as a B2C model. 

Buyer Persona: The key to your digital business

To begin with, if you offer to fill a need or service focused on an older audience, i.e., the baby boomers’ generation, they are not usually active internet users and prefer traditional media such as television and radio, however, you can promote your business on social networks such as Facebook, being the most popular digital media in the aforementioned generation; but, if your products are more focused on a younger audience, being the millennials and generation Z, Tik Tok and Instagram are the best option for your business.

However, keep in mind that they have a different way of receiving information before their predecessors, because the posts must, on the one hand, be entertaining, that is to say, that capture their attention at the first moment they see them, and, on the other hand, be quick and concise, as some studies have shown that the time of interest of these generations on something are 5 seconds, so it is important that the first impression is captivating or “eye catching” when they scroll through their feed.

Customer Journey

When a user finds your business or brand, this is the beginning of a step called the Customer Journey. This is a process by which your target starts when they search for a product in order to meet a need or problem.

First, your target audience will be in something called the “discovery phase”. In this first moment, your prospect is informing their selves about your business, the products of your business and the solution it could provide to their problem. In this step, it is important that you provide knowledge about your service and why it would meet their needs.

Once you have passed the discovery stage, which means that you were able to capture your prospect’s attention, the consideration phase begins, involving the person or company considering whether they should buy your services, its advantages and disadvantages, and whether they should buy it or not. At this point, you should offer detailed information about your product.

Finally, the decision phase. Here, your Buyer Persona is considering purchasing your services. At this stage, he/she has already considered the pros and cons and also the price of your product and whether they should really buy it from you. It is important that the service is the best possible and that you offer payment methods that suit their needs.

As we mentioned before, this article is sole a small opening to what is the world of digital marketing, as you will find much more information about it and that not only covers the issue of advertising and sales in social media, as there is more to learn about this that we will be talking about in future posts.

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