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Redirect To Another URL Using JQuery Or JavaScript,Using plain JavaScript there are different way to redirect the user to a different web page.
This code also work in jQuery code.
You can try below methods –

Redirection : A page automatically goes to another page then it is called a redirection. The redirection of a web page is used for different reasons.

The JavaScript and jQuery are mostly used for client side redirection after some operation and there are a below number of ways to redirect a web page using JavaScript In this post

If you want to redirect to a different path or page, on the same domain-

window.location.pathname = '/other'

If you want to redirect to a new URL- The most common way to redirect an URL using JavaScript

window.location = ''

Other options to redirect

You can also try below method-

location = ''

Another method is to set the href property of location-

window.location.href = ''

Location also has an assign() method that accepts a URL, and performs the same thing-The most common way to redirect an URL using jQuery


Different ways to reach the window object-

self.location = ''
top.location = ''

Using jQuery:


All above aboyt to redirect To Another URL Using JQuery Or JavaScript

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