How to find nearest value in PHP

Nearest Value in PHP

Today we discuss about the nearest Value in PHP.

Suppose that I have nmber like 456 its will become 460.

You can get right value using below method.

Nearest the value in PHP

echo roundToTheNearestAnything(121, 10).'<br>';
echo roundToTheNearestAnything(8, 5).'<br>';
echo roundToTheNearestAnything(1, 2).'<br>';

function roundToTheNearestAnything($value, $roundTo)
    $mod = $value%$roundTo;
    return $value+($mod<($roundTo/2)?-$mod:$roundTo-$mod);

Nearest the value in jQuery

function roundToTheNearestAnything(value, roundTo){
    var mod = value%roundTo;
    return value+(mod<(roundTo/2)?-mod:roundTo-mod);

var totalPart = 19;

if(totalPart >0 && totalPart <=2){
  var valme = roundToTheNearestAnything(totalPart, 2);
}else if(totalPart >2 && totalPart <=9){
  var valme = roundToTheNearestAnything(totalPart, 5);
  var valme = roundToTheNearestAnything(totalPart, 10);

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