Difference Between RAM and ROM

There are two type of memory in computer RAM and ROM.
Computer memory is of two basic type – Primary memory(RAM and ROM) and Secondary memory(hard drive,CD,etc.).

RAM is used to store computer programs and data that CPU needs in real time. RAM data is volatile and is erased once computer is switched off.

ROM have prerecorded data and it is used to boot computer. RAM data is static and remains in the computer even if computer is switched off.

Lets find out some differences between RAM and ROM with features below-

1DefinitionRAM stands for Random Access Memory,

and called as read write memory or
the main memory or the primary memory
ROM stands for Read Only Memory,
and called as secondary memory
2TypesRAM -> SRAM (Static Random Access Memory)
and DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory).
ROM -> PROM (Programmable read-only memory),
EPROM (Erasable Programmable read only memory),
EEPROM (Electrically erasable programmable read only memory)
3Data AccessRAM data can be read, erased or modified.ROM data is read-only.
4SpeedRAM speed is high-speed memoryROM speed is much slower than the RAM.
5Data StorageRAM data is volatile.
Data is present till power supply is present.
ROM data is permanent.
Data remains even after power supply is not present.
6CPU AccessCPU can access data stored on RAM.Data to be copied from ROM to RAM so that CPU can access its data.
7UsageRAM is used as CPU Cache, Primary Memory.ROM is used as firmware by micro-controllers.
8CostRAM is costly.ROM is cheap.

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