How to choose best mobile

How to choose best mobile phones

In this blog, we will find out how to choose best mobile phones. Best mobile or phone, It is much difficult to find when we purchase a new mobile/smartphones. Nowadays it’s a common problem because a lot of mobile phones available in the market online or offline. Some mobile companies launch smartphones in all price segments and other companies launch phones in the high price(Flagship) segments.

Lot of companies available for the smartphone who provide phones with different hardware and software configurations. Today we will discuss the major point of smartphones that will help you to purchase the right phone.

Below 5 steps easy to find the best mobile-

1. Budget/Price
2. Brand
3. Key Feature
4. Processor
5. Operating system

1. Budget/Price

First, you define your budget, how much you spent on mobile because of features and brand according to price.
So keep in mind budget or approx. a price like 10,000 or 15,000 etc.

2. Key Feature

Key feature of mobile that you purchase are- cameras, batteries, storage, RAM, etc. So think about this features.
If you purchase a phone only to click photo’s or pictures then you forget all other thing and only focus on camera.
And you will want like camera and battery more strong than you choose two factors main.

3. Brand

The brand is also on top point. Top brand phones have more compact and durability, also hardware and software are well tested. If you want a phone for the long term then you should purchase a brand phone.
Brands: Apple, Google Pixel, Nokia, Samsung, One Plus One, LG, and more.

4. Processor

The processor is the key of the phone, lot of phones come with an old processor which slows down your phone. If you choose more RAM and an old processor, not a good deal. Processors have Nanometers like 14nm or 12nm, etc. Nano meter is down process is fast, for example, 12nm phone faster than 14nm.

5. Operating system

All phones have OS mean Operating systems. Apple has its own operating system. Most of the phone comes with Android OS. Android OS are a different type-
a. Android One
b. Android Go
c. Stock Android
d. Custom Android

Custom android phone has an extra feature, it has fully customized and not provide an android upgrade easily and heavy compared to others. Stock android is like pure android added some extra apps. Android Go is the most lightweight OS and apps are also lightweight and does not consume more data and battery.

Android One is another pure android OS it is easily upgraded when a new OS comes. It is fast and reliable. Some companies provide android phones. It has default apps.

So, in this blog you find out how to choose best mobile phones. Hope you like it. For more technical blog – Technology Tags

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