Mobile Advertising Fraud (Part-1)

Mobile Advertising Fraud

Mobile Advertising Fraud! Yes, over the past decade, we have witnessed a lot of changes in terms of how we interact with technology. Smartphone has changed our lives or should I say made our life easier than we have ever thought of it. When it comes to mobile technology, it is very important to be ahead of the curve when adopting new trends.

With smartphones taking the entire global market by storm, it was merely a question of time before the marketing segment fell prey to their ubiquitous charm. As we all know that smartphones boost Internet penetration at increasingly faster speeds. And consumers nowadays are spending hours and hours in front of their mobile screen.

This is the reason why smartphones have become a perfect communication medium along with a promised captive audience.

Mobile advertising, a part of online advertising, is growing rapidly in several segments. It helps in providing marketers the opportunity to connect directly with their consumers through their smartphones, leaving behind the traditional and digital media.

Smartphones are being utilize for much more than just receiving and making calls, such as playing online games, online shopping, photography, videos, reading books and the list goes on.

Mobile advertising has made great use of smartphones and it has provided a simpler way to the marketers to directly reach to their customers.

So how does this work?

When talking about mobile advertising, we have to be very precise as here a marketer needs to target every single customer personally. The best part of mobile advertising is that it uses a smartphone as a personal device and every device has a unique user; this is what makes smartphones a precise communication channel.

Like I said earlier, customers are spending hours and hours on their smartphone that clearly means that they are highly engaged with the content as well. This is the reason why mobile advertising is best among other digital advertising; because it delivers excellent campaign effectiveness and response when compared to other digital media.

Mobile advertising has now become a trend as it is getting more interactive with users. Nowadays, mobile advertising is not just about a quarter-sized banner which is when clicked take you to the landing page of an e-commerce website.

Mobile advertising has now reached a whole new level. By clicking on a mobile banner, it might start displaying high-res photos or video advertisements, or a full-screen takeover or a short video clip where the user can directly interact.

With the evolution of smartphones and digital industry, mobile advertising also has come a long way. In this era, marketers have been implementing mobile rich media that will help them in engaging with the customers in a better manner. Mobile rich media has made digital marketers invest and add some more interest in mobile advertising.

Let’s have a look at the ongoing mobile marketing trends:

1. Implement user-centric advertising on mobile
Marketers, nowadays, are approaching targeted users directly through mobile advertising. It majorly requires audience planning and accurate targeting and your job is done.

Mobile programmatic is a user-centric approach that helps in combining data to activate true audience planning. Moreover, the data used in mobile programmatic is not personally identifiable.

2. Track consumers’ behavior and choices
Marketers are now approaching their customers based on their locations which are known as location-based marketing. It is a growing area of mobile advertising and it does not show any duplicity. Based on their location, you can see where they are going, understand their requirements and work on the way to approach them in the right manner. Using customers’ location for mobile advertising is an amazing opportunity for digital marketers.

3. Use more mobile videos
Nowadays, mobile videos have become the key that helps in increasing the customer base. Mobile videos have transform the way content is being share and consume over the social media platform.

4. Start a cross-device approach with mobile
Mobile first creativity is the key to success. We all know that people are spending more time on their smartphones than any other device. A marketer should start branding their campaign from where the people are spending most of their time i.e. smartphone.

Web can be consider as the second option for marketing or branding. Mobile allows you to capture numerous types of videos and pictures such as Virtual Reality, 360 videos, camera, etc.

The famous quote says, “The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers.” – Sydney Harris (Journalist)

So, today we read about some trends about mobile advertising fraud. We will post the second part of this blog soon.

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