How To Increase Mobile App Downloads And Mobile App Ranking

How To Increase Mobile App Downloads And Mobile App Ranking

Mobile applications have their own significance in the smartphone industry. They have become an indivisible part of our lives. For any business, creating a mobile application is the first big hurdle which can be completed with the help of mobile app developers, designers, and testers. Once when you have successfully created your mobile application (iOS or Android) which is impressive, functional and easy to understand, the next step is to upload it on the app store (Apple App Store or Google Play Store) and then comes Increase Mobile App Downloads And Mobile App Ranking.

Nowadays, hundreds of applications are being uploaded on the app stores on a daily basis. In this competitive world, it is really difficult to stand out of crowd even if your app has the most innovative or extraordinary features.

The app stores are already flooded with thousands of applications. The competition has already become fierce in terms of number of downloads, customer engagement, search space, etc. In order to gain a reputed place in the market, you need to promote your mobile application on the app stores.

Many mobile app development companies are using multiple ways to promote mobile applications such as Facebook Adverts, optimizing your application for App Store searches, Google Adwords, display advertising, Google Admob, etc. From this list, there are a few methods which can only be utilized once you achieve a specific number of application downloads.

Many app development companies are applying these marketing methods to promote their application. So what are the marketing tricks and strategies utilized by an organization to promote the mobile app? How would these marketing strategies be helpful in improving the app ranking and number of downloads of the mobile app?

In this blog, we will be learning a few app marketing and promotion tactics that can help your business in improving the ranking of your mobile application on the app store. In order to make your application successful, you need to apply some creative marketing and promotional strategies to reach the customers. Utilizing appropriate marketing strategies helps your application to be found by the consumers.

So, here are some of the efficient ways that can help you in improving the number of application downloads and app ranking:

Icon Design:

First thing first. Create an enticing icon that clearly describes your mobile application. The design that you choose for the mobile application is really crucial when it comes to marketing your app. While scrolling through the app store, many consumers focus on app icon before deciding to keep scrolling or clicking on the download button.

The app icon should be designed in a simple manner for the best and clear representation of the mobile application. Utilization of bold styles and vibrant colors can also help to make it look clean and relevant to the features of the applications.

Screenshots And Descriptions:

After the attractive app icon, another essential and effective way to attract users is app description and screenshots. As the per application’s features and functionalities, one can use descriptive visuals, engaging screenshots, and catchy description, all of which are capable of explaining what actually your app does. It is advisable to use HD screenshots that give clear images and visuals of the features of the application.

While creating app description, you can think about the appropriate keywords widely used by the users. In order to search the appropriate set of keywords, you need to perform in-depth keyword research and make sure that it has high search volumes.

Quality And Consistency:

The ultimate goal of mobile app development companies is to rank their app on the app store. Moreover, getting a high rank is not the only desired goal, but you need to work on that to maintain that ranking over the time. Your application needs to have a certain number of downloads within a given period of time to be on the list of top charts applications.

There are certain quantities that change as per price and category. Either the app is cheaper or most popular, in both situations you need to have a higher number of downloads to achieve a higher ranking.

Content Marketing:

A famous quote from Lee Odden, top content marketer, “Content is the reason search began in the first place”. Though there are multiple ways of approaching content marketing, but to begin with, you need to focus on keyword and identify the targeted audience. It is really important to understand the target audience.

The appropriate utilization of keyword in the content can generate app value for your business as well as your consumers and make them download your mobile application. There is always a positive impact of content marketing and the effect lasts longer than any other marketing strategy.

Social Media Interaction:

Social Media interaction is the proven way to reach right audiences and expand brand recognition. Nowadays, social media plays a vital role in user engagement and attention. In order to engage new users, it is really necessary to build online communities across several platforms. For example, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ are some of the major platforms where you can find millions of users searching for amazing products and services.

With the help of these social media platforms, you can easily encourage the users to download the app from the app store.

Easy Sharing Options:

Once the user downloads your mobile application, don’t just let your app sit idle in the user’s smartphone. Try to engage the users by providing discounts, attractive coupons, offer in-app purchases with features, etc. Moreover, allow them to spread word of mouth for your application by sharing the app across their social media platforms.

Encourage For Reviews:

Positive reviews are always valuable to enhance the number of downloads of your mobile application. It is incredibly important for your mobile application if the users are saying that it provides a great user-experience, amazing functionalities, etc. These testimonials are very important to generate relevant users and consistent traffic.

Organic reviews are considered as a valuable asset for your mobile applications. Many mobile app development companies purchase fake reviews to increase the number of downloads, which is highly overlooked by the marketing managers, as it can suspend the application from the app store.

Conclusion for Increase Mobile App Downloads And Mobile App Ranking:

Boosting the number of downloads of the mobile app is not at all an easy task. By implementing these above-mentioned ways, you can apply some best practices to build effective mobile strategies.

However, you need to keep a track of the often changing strategies of Google Play Store and Apple App Store to understand the factors that can help in improving your mobile app ranking.

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