Ionic app development framework and its features

Ionic app development framework and its features

In this blog, let’s discuss about Ionic app development framework and its features. Every business wants to create a hybrid mobile application that suits their budget. Building a native mobile application across different platforms is really expensive when compared to the development cost of hybrid mobile application. The tech savvy front end developers have already opted for an amazing mobile app development framework that fulfills all their requirements of creating a hybrid mobile application, i.e. Ionic Framework.

What Is Ionic Framework?

Ionic framework and its features is an AngularJS based framework that allows a developer to use a combination of several other programming languages such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. With the help of these programming languages, the mobile application developer will be able to design creative user interface and introduce user-friendly features for their targeted audience. There are mainly four main components of Ionic app development framework:

  1. It is an AngularJS based front-end JavaScript framework which is rapidly used to create fast, interactive and native-like applications.
  2. Ionic is based on SASS UI framework which is specifically design and optimize for mobile operating systems that also provides lots of UI components for creating robust mobile applications.
  3. It works as a compiler for native mobile applications along with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  4. Ionic offers a wide range of custom elements and methods to develop interactive mobile apps by using AngularJS. Ionic Framework provides an entire native mobile app like functionality found in native mobile app development SDKs.

Apart from these main components, there are several other reasons behind choosing Ionic framework. So, below are the attractive features which explain why businesses choose the Ionic framework for developing a hybrid mobile app.

  • Open-Source: Ionic framework is an open-source framework. The mobile app developers take pride in using Ionic framework for building hybrid mobile applications. It offers attractive and stable features that mostly use to develop a user-friendly mobile app. You can develop interactive and robust hybrid mobile applications with this platform-independent framework. It offers mobile-optimized codes of AngularJS, CSS and HTML components. As an open-source framework, Ionic lets you manage the code structure and helps you save time, money and efforts.
  • Based On AngularJS: When it comes to developing mobile applications and web applications, AngularJS is consider as an extensively preferred framework for the developers. The extensions to HTML’s syntax offered by AngularJS are very helpful for the mobile app developers. The Ionic framework uses AngularJS to offer lots of core functionalities to the developer so that they can include several attractive components to the app. AngularJS is the best way to create browser-based applications, whereas with the help of Ionic framework mobile developers can create hybrid mobile apps and web-based applications.
  • Uses Cordova Plugins: Plugins play a vital role in the mobile application development. Plugins are coded in JavaScript and it comes attached to the application. Ionic app development framework uses Cordova plugins that help the developers in getting access to several other features of the mobile operating system such as Camera, GPS, etc. As per your business and offered services, the mobile app developer can use any of these plugins that suit best to develop an optimal functioning mobile application.
  • Easy To Move Across Several Platforms: Ionic framework based mobile applications are capable of giving your user a native like feel-factor. The Ionic framework gives you an opportunity to build a hybrid app and spread it across all major platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows or any other mobile operating system. When you launch a hybrid application across several platforms, the application automatically changes theme as per the mobile operating system to maintain the native feel.
  • It’s Free: It can be consider as one of the best reasons to choose Ionic framework for application development. The entire process of developing an application comprises of development, testing, deployment, marketing, launch and in the end its maintenance. It is quite expensive to perform all these tasks to develop an application. And, when it comes to select an app development framework, it usually costs around $1000, but in case of Ionic framework, it is free and moreover, it lets you create amazing hybrid mobile applications.

Now, let’s have a look at the reasons why the utilization of Ionic app development framework is on rise?

Ionic is the dominant HTML5 mobile app development framework. The Ionic framework allows the mobile app developers to use a combination of strong programming languages such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Utilization of all these programming languages along with AngularJS leads you towards the development of a custom hybrid mobile app. It allows you to customize your app by introducing color schemes, menu buttons, gestures, etc.

The Ionic framework offers lots of options to customize your app, as the mobile users among all platforms are attracted to the mobile applications with amazing UI and high-standard features.

The Ionic framework enables the mobile app developers to build a single code base and use it across all the major platforms. Ionic is very well-know for developing high-performance mobile applications. It helps you to develop performance-driven mobile applications with great features as it uses native application UI guidelines and native SDKs.

So, these are the basic features which can be consider as the main reasons behind the rise of Ionic app development framework, and makes it your most preferred choice when you want to develop a superior mobile application for your business.

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