Windows 11 System Requirements and Features

Install Android Apps in Windows 11

In today’s blog, we will discuss about Microsoft new Windows 11 System requirements and Features.

Finally, On 24th June 2021, Microsoft officially announced Windows 11 in the event and the next big Operating System(OS) with all new looks and features. Windows 11 comes with all the security and safety features of Windows 10 with refreshing looks like the Start menu at the center of the taskbar and so many more. As said by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Windows 11 is an open platform where everybody can do whatever they want with their application (basically user-friendly).

System requirements for Windows 11

To install or upgrade to Windows 11 in your system, certain requirements needs which you need to setup obviously. Some of the system requirements are listed below :-

  • Processor – 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or System on a Chip (SoC).
  • Storage – 64 GB or larger storage device.
  • Memory – 4 GB RAM.
  • System firmware – UEFI, Secure Boot capable.
  • Graphics card – DirectX 12 compatible graphics / WDDM 2.x.
  • Display – > 9″ with HD Resolution (720p).

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Features of Windows 11 –

  • Android Apps
  • Gaming improvements
  • Teams integration
  • New Microsoft Store
  • Refreshing Design
  • Snap Layouts
  • Virtual Desktop Wallpaper

Pricing of Windows 11 –

Windows 11 will be available as a free upgrade for all Windows 10 users. So, you don’t need to visit any third-party website. So, if you are running an original copy of Windows 10 on your desktop/laptop, then it’s a free upgrade to Windows 11.

To upgrade your laptop/desktop to Windows 11, you just need to go to the system update section in your existing genuine Windows in setting option. If updates available, then it will simply download and install it and you will see new refreshing look of your laptop/desktop.

Windows 11 Upgrade Step

Once it is available. you will download it ,Go to the system update section Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, and clicking Check for Updates. If available, you will see Feature update to Windows 11. Then simply click download and install.

We hope you like this post and understand the new features and system requirements of Windows 11.

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