Add class or attribute in jQueryAdd class or attribute in jQuery

Add class or attribute in jQuery

Hello, Reader today we discuss the add class or attribute in jQuery.
Sometimes developers need to add a custom class or attribute on the element after the page load or clicked somewhere to perform functionality according to the need.

1. Add random class or attribute on the drop-down options

var counterOption = 0;
jQuery("select").each( function (){
    var rndmClass = 'hello_'+counterOption;

2. Add random class and attribute on all li tags.

var counter = 0;
jQuery("ol li" ).each( function (){
    var rndmClass = 'hello_'+counter;
    jQuery(this).addClass( rndmClass);

3. Add some class on all li tags

jQuery("ol li").addClass('myclass');

4. Get attribute value in jQuery

var datavalue = jQuery("ol li").attr('data-value');

5. Drop down change event / Get selected option attribute value.

    var value = jQuery(this).children("option:selected").attr('data-value');    

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