What Is Automation Testing And Why It Is Important For Mobile Applications?

What Is Automation Testing And Why It Is Important For Mobile Applications

In this blog, lets discuss What is Automation Testing and Why it is important for mobile applications. Nowadays, Software testing plays a vital role in the development of any mobile application or software product. It is a process of executing an application or program to find the software bugs. Basically, it enhances the quality of the product by catching all the bugs and helps to improve the functionality of the product or application.

There are majorly two types of testing processes:

  1. Manual testing: Manual testing is perform manually by software testers. They carefully execute each and every code step-by-step. In this process, the software tester needs to think as an end user to use the entire features of the application to ensure correct response and behavior.
  2. Automation testing: Automation testing is an automated technique of testing any application. It implements entire life-cycle of the application in less time duration and provides an efficient and effective product.

It is really imperative that the product should not appear with any defects before its release. At times, even after applying best manual testing processes, there are chances that the developer will find bugs reappearing in the delivered application. Alike, there are multiple other challenges a software tester faces while performing manual testing of the application.

The challenges are majorly faced by startups due to limited resources. So, the best solution to overcome this challenge is to acquire automation testing process to test the product or application.

Why Automation Testing?

Automation testing is an automated process to check the software application after its development. In this process, a software tester writes own test scripts and test cases and utilizes multiple suitable software tools to test the application. It is a fully automate procedure where no manual involvement is require. In simple words, test automation  can also be consider as an automated process of the manual testing.

Automation testing allows a software tester to use automation tools for writing scripts and executing test cases. There are multiple reasons behind choosing automation testing for startups. Here are a few advantages which can help a startup in selecting automation testing:

1. Automated Testing Software Saves Time And Money: Testing should be done for each and every development cycle. In the case of manual testing, it apparently takes lots of time and increases efforts and cost. To reduce this, a software tester can automate the repeating modules with the help of automation tools. The test cases can be execute n number of times and they are comparatively faster than manual testing.

2. Automated Testing Increases Accuracy: During the repetitive test methodology, even the most efficient and skilled tester can make mistakes while performing manual testing. Whereas in the case of automated testing, it can perform same steps consecutively each and every time. Moreover, it also records all the detailed results. It increases the efficiency of the software tester to create new automated test scripts and allows them to handle complex applications.

3.  Increases The Test Coverage Area: Test automation is majorly focused on the depth of testing process and scope of tests that helps in improving the quality of the software. Automated software testing allows a software tester to work on different kinds of complex test cases which cannot be performed in the case of manual testing. Automation testing even allows the testers to run the same scripts on different computers with distinctive configurations to determine the behavior on multiple machines.

4. Increase Efficiency, Speed, And Quality: The main goal of development is to release the application on desired time. Automation testing helps in achieving the goal. It offers similar modules to test different scenarios. Hence, it increases the efficiency and quality of the application.

5. Automated Testing Is Helpful In Complex Web Application: Testing of complex web applications can be performed easily with the help of automation testing. There are such applications where millions of users interact with each other. In this case, software tester can use load automation testing and creates multiple virtual users to check the application’s performance and load capacity. Automated testing simulates thousands of virtual users interacting with a software, network and web applications.

6. Helpful For Developers And Testers: Test Automation allows a software tester to share the test cases and test scripts with the developers. It helps the developers in catching the problem in no time, even before sending it to QA. Instead of applying manual tricks, software testers can now use test automation to automate the entire process that can make test cases run automatically. Software testers have access to different tools with testing software which increases the efficiency of the application.

The technology has been changing rapidly and automation testing helps to achieve maximum testing goals with the effective resources and time. However, test automation comes with its own limitations, as it cannot completely replace manual testing. But, it is advisable to utilize automation testing for better product delivery with efficient and effective functionalities.

Hope you understand that What is Automation Testing and Why it is important for mobile applications

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