5 Best Android Frameworks Used By App Developers

5 Best Android Frameworks Used By App Developers

In this blog, we will talk about 5 best android frameworks used by app developers. Android is the most popular mobile operating system across the globe. Millions of mobile phone users are using Android smartphones, as it covers a huge marketplace and provides a great support to all its users.

Android, being a user-friendly mobile operating system, has become the first choice of app developers when it comes to develop any mobile application. Now, why developers choose Android? Android comes with a lot of flexibility options, and with the upcoming updates, it gradually moving towards betterment.

For Android mobile app developers, when creating any mobile app, choosing a development framework seems to be a tough task. Now, the question arises that which Android development framework will suit your business best? Do you want to make it an ideal Android-only application or you are thinking about turning it into an iOS app also?

According to an Android app development company, an ideal mobile application framework helps developers in transforming a mobile application from one ecosystem into a mobile application compatible with another ecosystem.

Android framework plays a vital role in the deployment process of a mobile application. Choosing the right Android framework will lead the deployment in the right direction and make the process flexible and easier.

But, how to choose the best Android framework that works best for you? In this article, we will discuss the 5 best Android frameworks which are commonly used by app developers.


PhoneGap is the most preferable Android framework for app developers. The best part of PhoneGap is that it is sponsored by Adobe and Apache that has established it as a fast multi-platform development. PhoneGap, as a cross-platform, proves to be a great choice for Android mobile app development companies as it supports CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript development.

PhoneGap also offers a wide range of plugins that again makes it an attractive option for developers to create an app with multiple integrations. As a cross-platform, it can also be collaborated with several other application frameworks to develop advanced and customized applications. PhoneGap suits best for web developers with an in-depth knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS.


Xamarin works best for C# developers. Developers can deploy their application by writing codes in C# in this framework. For those who come up with a flexible budget, Xamarin is their first choice in Android framework, as it comes with both, free and paid versions.

The free version can be easily downloaded and comes with a limited number of features whereas the paid version certainly lets you utilize the entire features that also suits your budget. Mobile app developers familiar with C# programming language can this application framework for deploying Android, Windows and iOS application codes.


TheAppBuilder is an Android application framework that enables fastest mobile app deployment for app developers. It offers a code-less interface and uses HTML5 to provide faster deployment of a mobile application. Moreover, TheAppBuilder provides amazing social networking integration and it allows developers to directly submit the application to the Google Play Store.

JQuery Mobile:

JQuery Mobile is another popular and lightweight application framework that works on HTML5. Additionally, the most important feature of JQuery Mobile is that a mobile app developer needs to write only a single version of the code and it will make it responsive. That means a single code application would be able to run on multiple devices and operating systems with no hassles.

With the help of JQuery Mobile, a mobile app developer is now able to develop and design responsive websites and mobile applications that can be accessible on multiple devices including desktops, tablets, phablets and smartphones; regardless of the operating system.


CoronaSDK is an exceptionally suited choice for beginners. The reason behind choosing CoronaSDK is that it provides amazingly fast development process. It allows developers to use Lua, which is a super fast and easy-to-learn language. CoronaSDK is majorly utilized by Android game developers and app developers.

When creating an application, it allows developers to see the changes instantly. It offers 500 APIs and native app support. With all these irresistible features, it is really hard to choose any other application framework over this.

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