Top 5 Platforms to Build Mobile Applications

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Mobile application has become a necessity for every business. For the growth of the business and to make profit, the business should reach appropriate consumers. And, in this era, a mobile application is the best way to approach the consumer. Many of the entrepreneurs and startups are looking to build an app for their business, product, service, etc. but the heavy investment behind the app always left them with a second thought of not doing it.

We all know that the process of hiring top mobile app developers and building a mobile application is time consuming and expensive. Along with that, no startups or entrepreneurs want to spend thousands of dollars in launching and promoting the application.

Considering all these difficulties, we have brought you a plethora of app building platforms where a business is able to create and manage their own mobile application with a small investment. There are lots of mobile application platforms available to help you with the mobile application development that suits your budget. Spending thousands of dollars and months of hard work are no longer required to build a perfect mobile app that helps grow your business.

So, here is the list of top 5 platforms to build mobile application- is a cloud-based mobile application development platform that allows a business or developer to build cross-platform apps. A developer can create apps for iOS, Android and Windows mobile operating system. It offers you Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) and several built-in components.

As mentioned earlier that it is a cloud-based platform, it does not require to install any software or tool in the system. One can get easy and quick access to start the mobile app development. It offers amazing features that include visual editor, drag-and-drop components to design UI of the mobile app. plugin catalog allows a user to create their own custom plugins along with powerful functionalities. Being a cloud-based platform, it offers simple ways to share the project with other developers, hence making it easy to implement changes for everyone. offers both, free and premium plan. The users can use the functionalities as per their convenience and requirement.

ShoutEm: ShoutEm is one of the most popular mobile development platforms because of its user-friendly interface. It offers amazing features that are required to create a powerful and robust mobile application. ShoutEm features powerful user engagement tools, content management tools, monetization options along with publishing process of the mobile application.

The monetization option allows a user to create a revenue system, especially for e-commerce apps, that helps you in creating in-app subscriptions, coupons, deals, etc.

ShoutEm is also known as interface builder, as it offers extremely user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and customization options so that the app can be integrated with several other existing resources such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Sound Cloud, etc. ShoutEm supports Android and iPhone app development process and it allows a developer to publish the apps on Google Play Store and iTunes under their own account.

BiznessAPPS: BiznessAPPS is an outstanding platform as it provides a very simple process to create mobile apps, especially for a series of business. It features comprehensive analytics tools such as shopping cart, order food online, push notifications, third-party integrations, dynamic content and many more.

It has easy-to-understand content management system that lets you create and customize apps in very less time. It gives you real-time preview while creating the mobile app and keep you updated with all the latest updates from Google and Apple. BiznessAPPS offers different plans for mobile website and mobile apps.

Appy Pie: Appy Pie is one of the most popular app builder tools among all the DIY tools. It features Windows, Android and iPhone app development tools to create powerful mobile apps and allows it to publish to iTunes and Google Play Store. It is considered as the fastest growing cloud-based app building tool as a user need not download or install any software.

To create a mobile app from Appy Pie, a user just needs to follow a few simple steps and drag-and-drop the pages. By following the procedure, user will receive a hybrid app which is compatible with all platforms (including Blackberry).

Appy Pie also features track location with GPS, push notifications, social profile connectivity, monetize with ads, and integration with social profiles, blogs, photo gallery, videos, audios, etc. Appy Pie offers free and premium plans, from which a user can choose wisely according to the requirement.

TheAppBuilder: The AppBuilder provides a unique approach of transferring knowledge using appropriate tools that suit employees, clients, business, events and brochures. TheAppBuilder offers you two different methodologies for building mobile apps; first by using its online toolkit and second by learning from the training provided to build the structure of the app.

Making appropriate use of App Library, a user can customize their apps according to them and they can perform app branding as well. It allows a user to protect both, public and private apps with the help of usernames and passwords while publishing them on the App Store. The AppBuilder platform supports Native, Android, iPad and iPhone app development.

With the help of these above-mentioned mobile application development platforms, a user is able to create amazing and powerful mobile applications for their business. Alongside, there are many other companies which are also providing all these development services at affordable prices. We have a team of experienced top app developers who are skilled in developing mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows.

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