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With so many mobile platforms, it has become really difficult to choose any one mobile operating system to build an app. For organizations, that want to create multi-platform mobile apps to boost their services, can generally find this task challenging of choosing any one mobile platform from Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, etc. Instead of developing several mobile apps for different platforms, the idea of building a cross-platform mobile app saves time and money of the organizations.

Having the aim of providing convenience to consumers and consistent growth to the business. In order to curate cross-platform mobile app, top mobile app developers can reuse the codes they have used previously to enhance the productivity of the application across all mobile platforms.

Currently, cross-platform development tools can make the development of a native application quite simple. These tools hide details for specific Android And iOS devices by allowing developers to resolve issues at a high level of abstraction. Cross-platform development tools develop OS details of an application with their own algorithm.

Every cross-platform development tools have their own specialty. Some development tools focus on data security for businesses while some focus on gaming. Some development tools even provide programming language as per the need of developers. So developers don’t have to learn a new language before starting the development process for an application.

Selection of cross-platform development tools depends on the needs and the goals of app-based businesses. Development can be started as per the needs of developers and businesses. Below mentioned are top 6 cross-platform mobile app development tools:


This tool let developers begin development of an application in HTML5 programming language. Developers have various extensions products for an app. Ext Js 5 is the main product extension that is provided by Sencha tools. Sencha provides flexibility to developers as it works across various platforms and different devices.

This flexibility feature helps developers to boost productivity. Pre-built components save a lot of time for developers while writing code. The HTML5 code can be translated to both iOS and Android platform using translation tools such as PhoneGap.


PhoneGap tool is basically used for translating codes. Various languages like CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript are compatible with the PhoneGap translation tool. PhoneGap maintains SDK’s(Software Development Kits) for each platform. With PhoneGap developers can share the resultant code with team members. Then team members can review the coding and suggest an improvement to the application.

PhoneGap also develops applications for Windows and Blackberry. It provides services for every platform and truly is a cross-platform mobile app development tool.


Two-dimensional game development is primarily done on Cocos2d. It provides developers with five different developing platforms. Developers can choose their platform solely on a preference of programming language.

Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator created SDK for native Android and iOS applications. Appcelerator uses 60 percent to 90 percent of the same code for all the applications. Appcelerator helps developers to save a large amount of time.

This is an open-source tool for developers that constantly contribute to give the application more functionality and better interface. Thus eliminating and fixing bugs in the system.

Unity 3D

Unity 3D is a game development engine that provides high-resolution graphic game development. It is focused on developing and design for gaming applications. After developing code on Boo, C# or Unity Script, developers can export games towards 17 different platforms. Unity 3D has compatibility with iOS, Windows, Android , Linux, Wii, and Xbox.

Once the application is exported to these various platforms, Unity will distribute the app to various application stores. It also provides tracking ability for user analytics and social shares of the application among users.


Xamarin tool includes performance testing, monitoring and app store delivery. It also has a fee starter option which has the ability to perform virtual tests on more than 1000 devices. It also performs testing procedures to make sure everything is displaying and working as per requirement.

Xamarin is a robust mobile development cross-platform service which uses C# and Ruby for coding. Xamarin is adopted by IBM, Microsoft and Foursquare for its flexible and performance testing cross-platform app development.

With cross-platform app development, top app developers can write the code once and translate the coding. The resulting application will be published on both iOS and Android platforms to their respective app store.

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